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Serving the United States Military comes with many responsibilities as well as pressure and accountability. However, the military isn’t for everyone, but it offers so much for those who serve. One thing that must be known and dealt with is that this career could be a life threatening one, and there are many obstacles one must go through beforehand.
Joining the military isn’t all about wanting to carry a weapon or looking good in a uniform it’s about everyone doing their job to their best trained abilities. There are many reasons for joining the armed forces. Protection of the country, loved ones, and rights of the citizens are all included. Some have never been a part of something bigger than themselves and it’s great for someone to be part of a team that does everything right and to their best ability for the good of their people. However, there are also reasons that help the one joining as well.
The military is in fact a career so of course pay, benefits, and respect all come with the job if earned. When enlisted into the military, the starting pay will be $1516.20 a…