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services marketing management
this order is a REFLECTIVE JOURNAl
this journal is divided into 2 section. The first section should have the followings:
1) this should be 1 page roughly speaking
2)what is a reflective journal, what it should include (what is the real meaning of reflective journal and what does it mean from the writer point of view)
2) include different reflective journal framework
4) include at least 1 article of reflective journal
The second section include the followings:
1) this should be 2 pages roughly speaking
2)use the attached powerpoint slide for this section.
3)reflect on what those slides mean to you in the content of services employee
4)in the introduction of section 2.
start with the skills, values needed in order for this section of the journal to be professional
5)in this section at least 2 of the followings MUST be included (framework, model, theory)
6)include real life example related to this section
Overall the journal is made up of four essential components;
1. Conceptual underpinning (Material is underpinned by conceptual material from text book, directed reading and independent reading. Evidence of critical reflection of conceptual models, theories etc. displayed. Evidence of cross-fertilisation with other modules)
2. Practical application and illustration from your own service consumer and / or service employee experiences
3. Critical thinking and reflection
4. Innovative and independent initiative [the WOW factor]

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