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Select one of the following topics for your essay. Target is 2000-2500 words; ensure you use academic sources where relevant and use Harvard style referencing in both the main body of the text and the bibliography.
‘Globalisation has its advocates and its critics. To some it has delivered a wider range of cheaper consumer products while also providing employment opportunities across the world and thus taking millions out of poverty, however to others it reflects a creeping dominance by large faceless corporations who are pushing consumerism and exploit low paid workers operating in poor labour conditions. Outline the key arguments in what is often called “the globalisation debate” making reference to appropriate academic sources.’
‘Detail and explain the various range of options available to a successful business start-up which wishes to expand beyond its initial domestic production and consumption in order to establish an ‘international’ footprint. Where appropriate, make brief reference to known theories which are relevant either to the internationalising of trade, or which explain engagement in foreign direct investment or other forms of international productive footprint.
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