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Seeing terror and/ as spectacle
Order Description
1.Define in your words the following concepts:
a. Facialisation as identification of enemy other
b. Facialisation as identification of nation
c. Spectacle & the management of attention
d. Politics of affect
e. Imagined community
2.?The capacity to represents its Others is fundamental to state operations? (Engle 2007: 398). Explain what this quote means and how the capacity to represent the state?s ?other? relates to the notion of biopower.
3.Provide an example from the news media of how the ?politics of affect? has been used in relation to the Jessica Lynch or Lynndie England story. Explain the relationship between the concept and your example.
4.How does the concept of ?spectacle and the management of attention? relate to ?commodity fetishism? as we explored?
5.Provide a visual example that highlights the notion of the ?monstrous terrorist? and in no more than four lines, explain how it disciplines and normalizes the public.
6.Type in ?seduction of ephialtes? into YouTube and watch the clip. (Obviously, it?s not the film?s original soundtrack). Explain how the representation of Xerxes? harem reproduces an Orientalist discourse. What ?knowledge? in relation to gender and sexuality is produced about the Oriental other? What visual signs in this clip support your argument?
Reference ? Karen Engle (2007), ?the face of a terrorist?, university of Windsor (pp.397-422)ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!