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Since the April 20, 1999 shooting at Columbine High
School in Littleton, Colorado I have been looking
deeper into the issue of school violence. The number
of extremely violent crimes committed by students has
been increasing in the last few years. These
incidents are not only increasing in number, but in
the amount of bloodshed in each occurrence. Some
experts seek to analyze the effects this violence has.
Others figure the causes to be everything from movies
to video games. In the end it has been determined
that there are many solutions that must work together
to help solve this urgent problem.
I. Effects- 2 main effects
A. Copycat crimes
1. Since the Feb. 19, 1997
shooting in Bethel, Alaska, there have been 9
more school shootings
(Start ‘Em Young 1-3).
2. Six of these shootings took
place in a 4-month period.
B. Students feeling unsafe in school
1. For thousands of students
throughout the country, the feeling of being
the next victim looms over
their heads.
2. For many students, feeling
unsafe creates a very difficult learning
environment (Nolin, Davies,
Chandler 2).
II. Causes- 3 main causes
A. Parental Violence
1. Children are influenced by what…