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Roman Crucifixion practice and Jesus
The act of crucifixion has been adopted in various cultures, over a course of many decades. The most common piece of history most people think of is that of the Galilean Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, the ubiquitous act of crucifixion has made its course through a large piece of history. Crucifixion is recorded in history as early as a Persian practice. Furthermore, the notes of Herodutus describe about “3000 inhabitants of Babylon crucified” as early as (512-485 B.C). Other historians and sources have documented other cultures utilizing crucifixion. These include: Assyrians, Scythians, Taurians, Thracians, Celts, Germans, Britons, Nimidians, Carthagians, and prior to the Roman occupation, Jews.
Once the Roman occupation occurred, various sources described not just the procedure but the fear and tactic involved in crucifixion. The Romans operated in maintaining The Pax Romana, the time of peace in Rome, through “militarism and violence”. The violence of focus for this paper is their form of execution for most slaves and criminals, death by …