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This is an exercices Question answer all ofthem one by one only a brife answer it is not an essay just an exercice
Answer eash
question one by one do NOT make as an essay
Questions section A
Q1 find tow advertisements and write notes explainig how they depict the
role of advertising.
Q2 what are the essential differences between the involvement/play and salience/do frame-works of advertising? find
advertisement that are examples ofthese two approaches.
Q3 select an organisation of your choice and find three ads it has used
recently. are the ads predominantly trying to persuade audiences or are they designed to reinforce brand values?
Q4 write brief notes
explaining the three most effective advertising strategies as determined by the IPA.
Q5 why is the financial element associated with
advertising sometimes referred to as “spend” and sometimes as an “investment”? does it matter?
Questions Section B
Q1 explain the
advantages and disadvantages ofthe standariesd and adapted approaches when appointing an advertising agency?
Q2 make note outlining ways
in which advertising agencies can differentiate themselves
Q3 what factors need to be considered in appointing advertising agency by a
major supplier of personal care products in china?
Q4 explain how the role ofthe account planner has changed as a result ofthe growth of
an integrated approach to marketing communications?
Q5 what is the purpose of holding a chimistry meeting when searching for an
advertising agency?
Q6 discuss the main factors that might lead to conflict between a client and their advertising agency?
Q7 Write a
short profile of a leading individual in advertising
Q8 why has payment by results become a more common basis for agency
Q9 compare the benifts of share of voice and objective and tadk methods of setting advertising budgets?
section C
1-what are the key differences between the planning and emergent schools of strategy?
2-why is integration considered to be
important in the development of strategic communication plans?
3-explain the significance of distinguishing between business and
communications objectives.provide example of each.
4-prepare notes for developing a context analysis for an organisation of your
5-how do pull, push and profile positioning strategies differ in terms oftheir target audiences? provide examples.
secondry research, prepare a presentation showing the key stages of a plan for advertising the launch of a new consumer product in a country
of your choice.
7-why are customer preceptions important in developing effective positioning?
B-create a perceptual map for the main
competitors in one ofthe following market sectors: beer, airlines, banks.
9-using www.nmauk.co.uk or www.tellyads.com or by reviewing
media in a country of your choice, provide a list of examples to illustrate the positioning platforms suggested in table 4.4.