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.Revisiting the E- procurement process and management plan of Masbate Provincial Hospital (Philippines):.How to speed up procurement of essential medical equipment and supplies”
“1) Discuss details the background like issues ,causes for failure , current outcomes ( completion and success and background of the challenge and its impact on clients/,customers /and organisation.and explain it
a)Give five (5) Solutions and explain
-b), Identify Two probables
c)) three possibles and explain it
3) more details on the two probables and
talk about the details and further investigation, reason for its preference and staffing
4)Hierarchical decomposition plan: please give four sub question on each box and set that places these four items into the wider context of the”” big four question “‘ and description of question YES and NO and under big four question give two question and under two question give 10 example each question of sub questions no need to explain only question
5).SWOT analysis, give 10 each examples and explain the
S- strengths
W- weakness
O- opportunities
T- treats
and give INTERNAL explanation under the Strength and weakness and Give EXTERNAL explanation under Opportunities and Treats.
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