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Review of the Film Adaptation of The Butcher Boy
‘The butcher boy’ was made into a film adaptation in 1997 by Neill Jordan and author of the original book Patrick McCabe. The Novel was highly praised and controversial. Many saw it as the best account of Irish childhood. Its time frame is reminiscent of the
early 1960’s. It is about a young boy called Francie Brady who becomes isolated from reality and eventually commit’s the ultimate sin of murder from this isolation he is experiencing. He is the victim of a dysfunctional family and of the effects of modernization in Ireland at this time and we soon realize that he has been raised in an atmosphere of inhumanity. Both Novel and film cover themes such as identity, the effects of modernization and foreign influences, the dysfunctional family, childhood friendship, community gossip and prejudice.
Director Neil Jordan made the film adaptation of McCabe’s ‘The Butcher Boy’ as close to the novel as he could possibly get. This film was a huge success for Neil Jordan and for the future…