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The sampling method of the researchers was a simple, yet extensive questionnaire with responses that did not extend past the boundaries of the children’s literacy abilities. **A sample of the questionnaire is listed below (van Deth et al, 167)**
Political Knowledge
Indicator: Question wording and responses:
Politicians/Parties/Laws Have you ever heard about Politicians/Parties/Laws? Yes/No.
Chancellor Do you know this man [Picture of Gerhard Schröder who was German chancellor at both survey time points is shown]? Yes/No.
Access to power Do you know how to become a chancellor? A lot of money/ a lot of muscles/ an election/ don’t know.
Function chancellor Who is this man? [referring to the picture of Schröder again] Is he a mayor?/ a chancellor?/ a king?/ don’t know.
Power in Germany Who has the power in Germany? Is it the king?/ the mayor?/ the chancellor?/ don’t know.
Task of politicians What do you think politicians basically do? They coach a soccer team/ they decide on the nation and take care of it/ they regulate the traffic/ don’t know.
Political Issues
Indicator: Qu…