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Research Paper
Each student will be able to select a specific topic based on the Pew Research Center’s website. The topic selected will be related to a broad topic dealing with Government of the U.S. Each person will write a 4-5 page (double spaced) paper on his or her specific topic, synthesizing (relating/blending) their topic in relation to the course Government of the U.S.
Pew Research Review Paper Format:
In four to five pages, your Pew Research review paper must be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch (maximum) margins and include the following headings in the order listed below. You must cite at least five sources in your paper. Two of which will be the utilization of an article from the Pew Research Center along with your textbook as sources. The three additional academic sources will be of your choosing, for a total of five sources for this particular assignment.
(1) Heading (2pts): across the top of your first page, provide your name, assignment due date, class and section number, and an original title of your review (not the article title)
(2) Summary (6pts): provide a two to four paragraph summary of the Pew Research article, in your own words, highlighting the main idea and key points in the Pew Research article. Include enough detail so that your reader can understand what the Pew Research article is about. Also, provide the Pew Research article title, the date of publication.
Caution: use your own words to summarize the article. DO NOT transcribe (copy word for word) or copy and paste any text from the article; either action is a form of plagiarism and will result in a zero on the assignment as well as disciplinary action in accordance with Citrus College guidelines.
(3) Relevance (8pts): clearly state how the article relates to a topic from the assigned chapters out of Sidlow and Henschen, and cite specific chapters and page numbers in the book that pertain to the article. The Relevance section of your paper is where you would also include information from the additional academic sources of your choosing which pertain to your Pew Research Center Article. In relating information from your three additional academic sources please remember to cite the specific source, (article, journal, and website) along with the author, page number, and copyright year.
(4) Critical eye (5pts): how well did the author do in relating the topic and describing the results? Was there any evidence of bias? Conflicts of interest? Use your knowledge from what we covered in lecture or from reading the chapter to point out any flaws or inaccuracies the author made in the article.
(5) Personal insight(s) (4pts): reflect on ways in which the topic addressed in the article has had or could have an impact on your personal life.
(6) Future impacts on society (4pts): reflect on and discuss ways the lives of future generations could be affected by the topic of your Pew Research Center article.
(7) Source material and Works Cited (1pt): staple a photocopy or printout of the first page of the Pew Research article that includes the title, author, date of publication, and for online sources, the full URL to the article. Please also include a works cited of all sources utilized in your research review (Pew Research article, Sidlow and Henschen text, and three additional academic sources). This must be included to receive credit for your assignment.
Pew Research Center: http://www.pewresearch.org/
Go to the above website, select “topics”, browse the list of topics, select one, and begin your research.
Due Date: Morning of Final or Beforehand
Paper Grade
A “Fail” grade could be earned for failure to turn in a paper, for failing to adhere to: paper topic, guidelines, and format. For not referencing in your paper’s topic, for plagiarism which means copying or paraphrasing the article or the book without using quotations marks and referencing source, and/or for multiple spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors which distract or confuse the reader.
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