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research methods
(1) Formulate a research question (max. 100 words).
(2) Describe a research method or approach that promises to provide an answer
to your research question. Consider the limitations, potential pitfalls and
common criticisms of the approach (min. 1,450 words).
(3) Briefly describe how you would apply the approach described in (2) in order
to answer the question formulated in (1) (max. 500 words).
In responding to this question, you are free to choose any research project related to
the theories, concepts, methods and approaches discussed in this course. If you
choose an approach that we have not directly discussed that’s fine, but it would be
advisable for you to identify an academic who is expert in that approach and discuss
your research question with them. For suitable readings and/or research materials,
you can: (a) consult the relevant Tutorial Readings and/or the Select Bibliography
(below); (b) make use of the Library’s resources and academic advisers; (c) consult
with academics in the School of Politics and International Relations. Learning how
to select and make good use of academic resources is an important research skill,
which this assignment aims to develop