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Report on Classification Of Business
Classification of Businesses according to their types of activity:
Primary Sector Businesses: The gathering of raw materials, such as
fish, oil, or coal from the land or sea or growing using the earth to
grow things such as crops or trees
Examples: Rio Tinto (Mining), JCI Gold (Mining), Anglo Amer (Mining),
BP (Oil and Gas), and Soco International (Oil and Gas).
Secondary Sector Businesses: The processing of raw materials into
finished goods. Examples of this are food production, computer
component manufacture, and car manufacture.
Examples: Schweppes (Food and Drink), Unilever (Food and Drink), Intel
(Computer Component Production) and Ati (Computer Component
Tertiary Sector Businesses: This sector contains organisations
supplying services, and includes both commercial services providers
(banking, finance and retail), as well as direct service providers
(Health and education).
Examples: Stagecoach (Transport), British Airways (Transport), CGNU
(Insurance), BT (Telecommunications) and Natwest (Banking).
Classification of Business According to their Broad Ownership:
Public Sector: The part of an economy that consists of state owned
institutions, including nationalised industries and services provided
by local authorities.
Examples: BBC (Television Broadcast), Post Office (Communications),
and The National Grid (Electrical Distribution).
Public Companies: Companies whose shares may …