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1.0 Introduction
Everyone worldwide needs food to survive. The relationship people have with food in developed countries is not the best it could be, while in developing countries they often do not even have food to spare. Not only is there a food shortage in developing countries, there are shortages in developed countries as well. Is there not a way where everyone in the world could have a healthy relationship with food? There are many ways that everyone in the world could have a healthy relationship with food; however with every positive there can come negatives. Developed countries can help with food aid, not waste their own food, help with education of agriculture, food technology, and even help change their standard of living. If only developed countries were to help in small ways our world would be a better of a place to live where everyone would be well fed.
2.0 Pros of Food Aid
If developed countries were to help developing countries with a small amount of food aid we would not have as many people starving around the world. “Food aid is regarded as a valuable resource for …
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