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Read “Better Than Human: Why Robots Will — and Must — Take Our Jobs,” by Kevin Kelly in They Say / I Say. Answer Questions 1 and 5 on page 312, using the homework method.
Question 1: You must practice the skill of quoting and responding (as outlined in chapter 3).
Question 5: Asks you to practice the ultimate “I Say” – but you do not need to write an essay. A couple of paragraphis is sufficient.
Note: Do not read this essay assuming the author is “right” and has all the information. Not everything that is published or even appears in textbooks is correct, or reflects all the information available on the topic.
In terms of robots replacing human jobs – it has been tried many times. McDonalds is currently testing 18 self serve kiosks nationwide, but ones that opened in the past were unsuccessful. People did not prefer to order and take their food from machines. We also know and see the difference between automated car washes and hand car washes: quality, price and results that the machines cannot match.
The article also focuses on US-made robots, which compared to robot technology in other countries, are pretty primitive. A related topic is the issue of drones and human operated robots. These are strongly on the rise, doing things that humans cannot do, or are dangerous to do, but people still operate them.
Here is a National Geographic article about 5 different drone uses. And here is an article about the medical robots developed in Japan, including Pepper, who cheers people up and the medical assistant robots.
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 ,Why Robots Will and Must Take Our Jobs HW