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Racial Profiling of Asians in America
“Have you heard the one where someone broke into this guy’s house and all his electronics were
stolen but they knew that the burglar was Asian because the math homework that was left on the
kitchen table was completed?  What about the one how Asians get their names?  By dropping a fork
down the stairs.”  In the first issue of the Asian American magazine, Amerisian, the magazine introduces
an Asian American perspective of how a community is viewed in today’s society..  For many years,
Asian Americans strive to distance themselves to the subjective racial stereotypes and profiling society
places on them.  Asian Americans have been trying to find their place in the American society.  The
efforts of gaining the admiration in society may appear as a seemingly possible task to attain, yet the
communities continues to thrive.  Unfortunately, many Asian Americans are still being treated unjustly.
Wen Ho Lee, a former nuclear scientist at Los Alamos Laboratories, has been an American citizen for