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A series of tragic events occurred in United States. On September 11th, 2001 the Twin Towers in New York City were destroyed by two planes that were hijacked by Arabic people. As planes were crashing into the Twin Towers, regular people saw the tragedy take place. All they could do was stare in despair as they watched the towers come crumbling down. The Pentagon in Virginia also was also crashed into by a hijacked plane. Thousands died and many were left injured. The Arabian people laughed and cheered at the sad moment that took place in the United States. The Unites States will never forget what happened. The Arabian People scarred us for life. After the attacks on September 11th, 2001, there was a dramatic increase in racial profiling against Arabic people in the United States.
Americans were pissed off and angry at the Arabian race. As they giggled and smiled, we were all frowning and crying at the sadness that took over our nation. The Unites States defines racism as a discrimination of another race made by another race or the same race; also known as hatred. …