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On the night of February 4th 1999, Amadou Diallo, an unarmed and innocent African immigrant, was gunned down in a hail of 41 bullets while standing in the vestibule of his own apartment building in the Bronx. The officers responsible for Diallo’s death were part of New York Police Department’s “elite” Street Crime Unit. The plain-clothes officers approached Diallo and pulled their weapons. When Diallo, probably believing they were thieves, pulled out his wallet, the “elite” officers opened a barrage of 41 bullets on the unarmed black man.
Witnesses and forensic evidence suggest that the officers fired a second round of shots after a brief pause and that Diallo’s frame absorbed a majority of the bullets after having hit the ground. These facts clearly show that Diallo’s human and civil rights were violated that night, and that these four white police officers are guilty of murder. However, they were acquitted of all charges.
Thousands of people protested both the initial indemnity and the acquittal over a year later. This included a collective of Stan…