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Racial Profiling compromises the very fabric that America is built on. With Constitutional laws that protect us as American citizens from any mistreatment or discrimination, Racial Profiling is still being practiced , and it violates our human rights, and causes distrust in the very police officers that are in charge of keeping our communities safe, and disbelief in the Constitution that should afford all American citizens equal rights.
In the 1990’s The American news media exploded with coverage of the problem of racial profiling. The allegations became so common that the Black community labeled the phenomenon “ Driving while black or brown”. Empirical evidence confirm nation perception about racial profiling. To understand better the issues associated with racial profiling in police stops, concerns about police discretion were broken into two categories: First category, The decision of the Police Officer to stop the car, and how the Police Officer is treating the person being stopped, and how the Police Officer acts during the stop. Second Category, Are they made to step out of …