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Racial profiling is the most idiotic and arrogant thing you can ever do as a person. Usually the people who are affected by racial profiling are minorities, however, any person can be a victim of racial profiling. Some may think that racial profiling is non-existent, however, I would like to bring the situation into focus and show that it is still in existence and has been observed in the past and now in the current year. Although, more than fifty percent of the time racial profiling is conducted it is against a man or woman of color; an African-American in other words. There are instances where a white person can be a victim as well. Trying not to say that there isn’t any person out there that is exempted from racial profiling, because there isn’t a single person who is just exempted from this cruel method of decision making. In my essay I will talk about racial profiling and what it is, however, you can’t forget about where it happens and of course why. Several resolutions will be discussed in this essay to alleviate this problem.
Racial profiling is simply this, the c…