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Racial profiling is a practice where people of color and of certain religions are disproportionately targeted for investigation and enforcement of various laws. It is used all around the globe in order to find and persecute criminals, terrorists, contrabandists, and others breaking the law. In some countries, racial profiling is completely lawful while in other countries it is considered a violation of human rights. For instance, in the United Sates, racial profiling is often considered to be a form of discrimination and is not accepted well by the society because it goes against many principles of the Constitution. Yet, racial profiling is a necessary evil which will help the U.S. (and any other country) to prevent devastating terrorist attacks, illegal import and distribution of drugs, monetary machinations, and many other unlawful and inhumane actions.
The range of responses to Racial Profiling spans from strong approval to outright disdain, this can easily be explained by the nation’s respect and admiration of democracy and the American way. Those who think that Racial Pro…