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Question: Take two buildings built within 20 years of each other that contrast greatly in terms of design, but have very similar functions. Ensuring that you describe these contrasts carefully, give an account of why the two buildings are so different (perhaps this is to do with the design approaches and beliefs of the architects or their clients, the social, geographic or economic context and so on).
I have done the main structure of the essay (which I will upload). Please just take that as a reference and change whatever is needed. Whatever that is highlighted in yellow is just for reference as well. I wrote that awhile back for someone and can’t use the same content and words.
My word count is actually 1800 but there is only the option of 1100 for a 6 hour work. If that is so, you can leave the conclusion out and I will complete it. I have also done the introduction and some of the body content. So I hope that adds up.
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