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Quantitative Analysis using SPSS :-Find a dataset of your own choosing.
The dataset can be from place of work in UK , or connected to any MSc, although it does not have to be Financial or monetary data.
Explain this dataset in the form of a report.
Explain the purpose of the dataset and why you have chosen it.
Include Explanation of the meaning of the variables of the dataset and why they are important
Summarise them in graphical and numerical forms.
Include statistical analysis on the data in order to explore it, to describe relationships within it and to make inferences, possibly hypotheses from it.
Explain any limitations of what extra data would you have included or required?
You should refer to any sources of information that you use following the Harvard system.
Assessment Criteria :-
20% Choice and Explanation of dataset;
You need to choose a dataset to explain. Reference the data. Say why you think that it is important. What the data is expected to show. Reference anything that will help you explain why you are using this data. NB using survey data is very unlikely to be acceptable unless you have access to the data set.
You must explain every variable within the dataset. Why is it there? How is it collected? What is it measured in and how frequently? Why is it important to your analysis?
Do not use any variables that you do not need.
35% Appropriate Statistical Analysis of Dataset;
Using the statistical analysis that is appropriate for your data and why? Do not use analysis for the sake of it. It must be appropriate and necessary to what you want to achieve.
20% Interpretation of the Statistical Analyses;
All of your statistical output must be explained. Why are you doing it, what do the numbers mean, can you relate the findings to what happened in reality? Do not just quote numbers without attempting to explain what they mean.
10% Limitations of the Dataset:
Sensible limitations. If you could have anything what would it be and why haven’t you got it – that is a limitation. Each must be sensibly explained.
5% Use of Citations and references:
You must cite and reference using Harvard system. The dataset must be referenced
10% Presentation of Report:
As a report it must have a structure and headings. You must have an Index, Introduction and Conclusion sections plus other sections that you can name as you wish.
It should be about 3000 words.
Please, do remember that with Quantitative reports you must not be over sophisticated.
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