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PUP 301-Introduction to Urban Planning i want the answers to be as short essay.
1. Urbanization and sub-urbanization (pay particular attention to graphs we discussed in class.)
2. Explain some of the major reasons for sub-urbanization in the United States, as discussed in class. (Pay special attention to the 1950s and beyond)
3. Why planning? as discussed in the textbook and in class. (political aspects, roles, types and styles, local agencies, etc.)
4. Understanding of Kevin Lynch’s design ideas. How do planners use this?
5. 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in planning history ( lecture and in the textbook)
6. Social aspects of planning and why are they important to the planning process.
7. Way Stations
8. Describe NIMBY phenomenon.
9. Home Rule gives cities and municipalities greater independence
10. Eminent Domain: What is it? Why is it so controversial?
11. Euclid v. Ambler
12. 1924 Standard State Zoning and 1928 Standard City Planning Enabling Acts.
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