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In every organization today, whether operating on a national or local scale, profit or non-profit needs to have a Public Relations team in order for them to run smoothly and effectively. Non-profit organizations such as, Young Men’s Christian Association otherwise know as the YMCA, Mothers Against Drunk Driving otherwise know as MADD, and Big Brothers Big Sisters International otherwise known as BBBS are three organizations that use effective Public Relations in order to run a successful organization and in turn help the community in various ways.
A company cannot function properly without the proper uses of a public relations (PR) team. In order to function properly, the PR team must take the necessary steps in order to serve the public and their organization effectively. They also need to study their collective list of publics and also identify each priority public that is especially important to the project they are setting out to achieve. Along with my careful consideration in choosing these three organizations that will demonstrate effective PR, I have narrowed my choices to the following organizations which are the YMCA, MADD, and BBBS which I will describe how these organizations identify to their publics and effectively use the organization to accomplish their mission.
Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)
The origin of the YMCA which is a non-profit organization was founded in the United Kingdom on June 6th of 1844 by George Williams. The first YMCA was organized by a group along with Williams which initially was to substitute bible studies and prayer on the streets (YMCA [YMCA], 2008). Their main priority at the time was the young men that were living in the poorer area in the cities during the industrial revolution (YMCA, 2004). These men worked long hard hours and slept in their place of employment. Being away from their families was hard on these men and Williams decided that he would establish an organization for these young men to make life for them a bit more bearable due to their current situations.
Word got out and the organization grew rapidly. By the 1851 there were 24 locations in the London area in addition to a combined membership of 2700. This is when the organization was introduced to the United States but with the first location in Montreal, Canada which was opened on November 25th and then in Boston, MA on December 29th (YMCA, 2008). The action of the YMCA was outlandish due to the fact that it divided the churches and societal groups in England during this time period.
The YMCA’s main priority public was to meet the communities’ social needs, therefore, eventually people of all races, sex, age, and religious groups would be able to join the YMCA. Today, no one is turned away from becoming a member of this organization. They are here to help people and families to establish a community that comes together and are proud to say they are a family community.
During the civil war due to the many men that served in this war, the YMCA membership came to a sudden halt. Only one third of the original members were currently attending the organization. During this time with the help of President Lincoln and 4,859 members of the organization, they were commissioned to assist the troops and prisoners of the war and this commission is still going strong today. Not only did they start the commission for the troops and prisoners of war, they also handed out over 1 million bibles to the men from the war. This commitment to the soldiers was to show them they were going do whatever it took to uphold the trust they had earned which is why we see many soldiers now will take along a bible with them when drafted. After the end of the war, there were only 59 YMCA buildings left but due to their strong influences the organization had on these men, a short time later there were 600 more built to replace the ones that were lost during the war.
The organization upheld the trust they receive from the young men in the Civil war and from the Industrial Revolution and continue to grow today. They support many different aspects of people’s lives and do their best to make sure they are doing what it takes to make communities come together. Their use of PR is outstanding in ways beyond description. They continue to determine what it takes to make the community come together and ensure that the public always has a place where they can be at home.