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It is questioned whether psychopathy is has an impact or has an effect on military sexual assault. For this study, the study eligibility criteria are the characteristics military sex offenders obtain which are also the same characteristics psychopaths obtain. The overall study includes the characteristics of people who are considered to be diagnosed with psychopathy verses the characteristics of a person who is a sex offender in the military. This study will show that psychopathy does have an impact or effect on military sex offenders. This research paper will also explain some recent clinical treatments that are in place for pychopaths to include therapeutic treatments.
Psychopathy is defined as personality disorder, characterized by enduring anti-social behavior, and less capacity for empathy and have poor behavioral control (Benning, 2005). The term is originated to describe diverse range of dysfunctional or antisocial behavior and mental and sexual deviances. Psychopaths are usually aggressive and are incapable of having empathetic behavior (Fileds, 1996)…