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Film induced tourism has grown in every aspect around the globe whether its because of the curiosity of the people to indulge in this kind of tourism or just being a part of the artificial world. Then it comes to define film tourism many authors have different views, according to Hudson and Ritch (2006a), it is describe as people visiting places which are directly influenced by films to see the landscapes, building, places as it was shown on TV, advertisement or in cinema screen. In addition to the meaning above for film induced tourism, Riley & Van Doren, (1992) further added that people visiting these places may be overwhelm with the romantic gaze of the place, and feel emotionally attached to it and also with the focal points of the film such as actors and their attributes, where they used to live, themes, social patterns and so on. However this essay will also discuss the originality of film tourism and its implications towards the destination and how it effects the local culture and community.
Background of Film and Cinema:
The introduction of films began in theā€¦