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The United States of America©ˆs war on drugs today is very similar to America©ˆs
Prohibition of Alcohol in the 1920©ˆs. These two major issues of their time may not
seem like they can be logically compared, but statistics for usage and a correlating
rise in crime for both eras show a strong relationship. There is also a tendency for an
outright defiance of the laws and law makers of the United States government in both
cases. Most people today think that the prohibition of the 1920©ˆs and the current war
on drugs have many contrasting points. The opposite is true. However, the points that do contrast are more opinion-based than fact oriented. The following paragraphs will attempt to clearly and effectively show a comparison and contrast between America©ˆs famous Prohibition era and the War on Drugs being waged today.
First, a general comprehension of how Prohibition came about is necessary to the
understanding of the effects it had on the general population. The anti-drinkers started to become organized around the turn of the century and formed the Anti-Saloon League. This very vocal group were fed up with the constant public drunkenness and
the fights that were caused. They spent millions of dollars between 1900 and 1919
in an attempt to try to persuade people to stop drinking. Two and a half million dollars raised in the effort to stop the drinking, came from the middle and poor classes because these were the people most affected by the problem. The Anti-Saloon L…