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Even though the user is responsible for the information entered through Facebook and other social networking mediums, the corporations are responsible for protecting the data available because unprotected data can lead to harassment, theft of personal belongings, identify theft, putting children at risk. It is for these reasons people are genuinely concerned about how much is made public about them.
The dangers of putting personal information on the internet have been highly publicized since the early days of the World Wide Web. They have stemmed from credit card fraud to identity theft, child abduction and with the insurgence of social media the dangers of the internet have begun to affect more and more unsuspecting people. Take Facebook for example, most people are no stranger to the biggest social networking site on the web (hosting over 700 million profiles) and the accessibility of people’s personal information. Most are unaware of is how Facebook is profiting from the vast database of personal information; their greatest asset (Mui, 2011). Facebook uses this information to …