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As the explosion of internet social media based companies has grown the issue of privacy has been at the forefront of many people’s mind. Privately held information can easily become available to people and be negatively used due to the digital age we are in today. Two of the leading companies in social media are Google and Facebook. This case study analysis explores both Google and Facebook’s privacy policies and issue that has stemmed from it.
Google and Facebook recently have taken a lot of backlash from people and governments regarding the way they handle the information they have gathered from the consumers that use their products. Facebook in 2009 was in a dispute with the Canadian government over the use of the data collected and struck a deal with the Canadian government to change their policies. Google also has been faced with criticism that it recorded personal communication sent over unsecured in home Wi Fi networks. German federal commission called for independent investigation of Google’s practices. While both companies are getting more popular by day there is a g…