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The world as we know is moving towards a more digital life style, where nearly everything that we own has some sort of electronic component built in it and is able to connect to the Internet. Users are able to browse the web, shop online for their favourite items from stores around the world and post a status update from any of their devices anywhere any time twenty-four hours, seven days a week.
On an estimate in just 60 seconds we transmit nearly 640 terabytes of IP data. A major contributor to that IP data is Google being at number one just trying to answer nearly 2 million search queries; coming in second is YouTube by streaming nearly 1.3 million videos and uploading 30 hours’ worth of videos, six million Facebook views, 100,000 Tweets and 204 million emails, most of which is spam. (1. Burgess, 2013)
With all this data being sent across the network, what people do not know is that there data they post, view and upload online is being collected by organizations and governments or even hackers, and is being shared between them for their own use. Governments are monitoring our eve…