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Presentation Requirements
The presentation is to allow you to gain feedback on the development of your project and as such the following aspects are expected to be covered in the presentation:
• Introduction to the organisation or project case study
• Identification of the drivers for change of the organisation/project
• Key aspects of change management theory that are applicable to your organisation/project.
Report Requirements
The assignment is to complete a report of 4000 words.
The report should address the following module Learning Outcomes:
1. Critically evaluate the relevant theories and concepts within projects and organisational structures.
2. Appraise concepts of change management and the role of management in the success of projects.
3. Critically assess international management from a cultural perspective and its influence on project management when working in global marketplaces.
4. Analyse the impact of a strategic approach to HR and its application within an international organisation.
This assignment is designed to allow you the flexibility to examine in depth a particular project and region that may interest you, within the parameters of the outcomes. It is not prescriptive in the subject area to allow you to apply your research skills, develop critical analysis thinking and writing.
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