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Prescribed about Alfred Stieglitz
Prescribed about Alfred Stieglitz and develop a 1600 word research paper.
The prescribed chapter is to be used as a starting point for developing the research paper and students are expected to do further research on the issues and/ or photographers referred to in the prescribed chapter and to expand on these themes and issues.
For example, this might include referring to other photographers / artists who also dealt with similar issues, expanding on the social or political context for these issues or comparing the work of different practitioners or styles. You should aim to develop their own position and argument which is derived from, or inspired by the original prescribed reading.
A brief overview of the prescribed chapter that describes the central the issues or concepts of that chapter :
• Some discussion relating to your personal opinion about these issues.
(Make sure you back your opinion and avoid generalisations)
• Why is this issue or concept important?
• How are such issues reflected in creative practice?
You should cite at least 3 references apart from the main recommended reading (It have to be Harvard Style)
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 ,Alfred Stieglitz