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The Presbyterian Homes & Family Services and the Family Alliance is a nonprofit organization offering community-based services for children, adults and families across the Commonwealth of Virginia. This organization resulted from the merger of the Presbyterian Homes & Family Services (PHFS) and the Family Alliance (FA). It is a clear proof of the benefits of applying the “master the art of adaptation” practice praised in Forces for Good by Crutchfield and McLeod.
As a matter of fact, on the one hand, PHFS emerged from the efforts of a group of Presbyterian churches that came together to address their welfare responsibility by founding an orphanage. However, as the status of orphan was changing, the federal government was fostering children’s’ return to a family or community setting rather than group care. Consequently, demand for group homes declined and, although the organization included adult housing services for individuals with disabilities and later on offered a few community-based services, it faced a declining donor base and was losing its relevance. On the other hand, the…