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As I was thinking about the outline for this essay I asked myself if I was really a person to invoke a certain prejudice to certain types of people? And If I was, was it because I had personally acquired this sort of profiling through past experiences, or was it acquired through today’s popular media? Though I do not see myself as a hateful person, I have found that I do, unfairly, judge people by their age, sex and race.
Racial profiling is common in today’s society, from popular comedians to music. I have found that I have prejudice towards most races. Since I was in elementary I have always had black friends, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I acquired a sort of distaste for them. I have thought of blacks as uneducated. I have had many classes in which I have literally passed the class for them, due their inability to not talk to other people or their unwillingness to not show up for class on time or at all. Though everyone gets a little loud and unruly when we are around our friends, it seems to me that blacks have a problem with carrying themselves in a polite manner when in a group.
I have seen them dancing and/or singing, slap boxing, playing craps, etc., all in school. Though it doesn’t really bother me, I have seen other people ask them to kindly settle down and then have been quickly told (yelled) to “go away and mind their business,” but in a more frank and explicit. I have concluded that blacks don’t respect very many people unless they have…