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Porn, its everywhere! Go to any major search engine and you are well on your way to viewing some of the finest cyber porn around. No age verification, no credit card required, all it takes is just a couple of clicks on the mouse. But wait a second, why is it so easy, was it always like this? Not really, as we have seen, the Internet and the pornography industry have come together to make quite an explosion that has brought many issues to the surface.
It’s a scary fact to realize that 83.5% images available on the Internet are pornographical. And it is even more of a problem when the Internet’s pornography is available to curious children that happen to bump onto them. One of the more drawing freatures of the young Internet was its freedom. Its “… a rare example of true, modern, functional anarchy… there are no official censors, no bosses, no board of directors, no stockholders.” Its an open forum where anyone can say or post anything, and the only thing holding them back is their conscience.
In this paper I am going focus on some of the fundamental issues rega…