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Population Growth in Perspective
To anyone even remotely acquainted with the situation, the ever-expanding world population can easily be a cause of grave concern. Indeed, the simple realization that the total world population will most likely be doubling within the next century may seem to imply catastrophe. Considering the strain our current huge population puts on the world, is it not natural to presume that two times our number will spell disaster? While this is the view held by many prominent voices, there also is a less-noticed group of people who contend that the resiliency of the earth and the ingenuity of its people will keep the planet a decent place to live.
In this paper, I attempt to critically examine various theories on the size of future population growth and consider what some of the possible results of this growth might be. In the end, I conclude that although there are significant development issues facing the world as a result of the expanding population, the world is probably not headed for ruin.
Current Population Awareness
The dram…