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AP Government: Political Culture and Ideology
Snapp: Women should be allowed to choose whether they want to abort their unborn child or not. The government should give assistance to women who choose that they do not want a child because they can’t support it. If the government didn’t help, then many women would be unable to support the unwanted child.
Crackle: Well who’s going to pay for it? It isn’t fair to make people who are responsible for their actions pay for these women’s mistakes. People have to learn how to be more responsible for their actions, and can’t rely on government to help them out wherever they go wrong.
Snapp: You obviously don’t understand that sometimes it isn’t always the person’s fault that something bad happens to them. That is probably the same reason why you don’t support welfare. Not everyone makes mistakes, some people aren’t born as fortunate as others. If you saw a homeless woman on the street, you’d automatically think it was her fault she was unemployed right? But you probably wouldn’t think the same way if you saw a four year old child lying on the sidewalk. That child will probably end up being that woman. I strongly believe that government should support those who can’t find jobs due to the resources they lack.
Crackle: And you obviously don’t understand that many individuals who are supported by welfare actually do have the resources to get a job. They just don’t care enough to get out of their houses to finally look for one! These people are just freeloading off hardworking, responsible individuals who tried their best in school and their hardest to look for a job. Those on welfare have no motivation at all, and are putting a giant hole into the government’s pockets. If the government didn’t spend so much time making sure these lazy people get their nice unearned dollars, we could have a nice free market economy! Those working and rich can use the money the government doesn’t take away from them to actually give employment to these undeserving people!
Snapp: No way! The rich will never take care of the poor. People are inherently self serving! It just sounds about as ridiculous as that national income tax cut you want so badly! The rich should pay more because they make more! If they can afford to give up more they should so those who can’t wouldn’t have to give up more. Your national income tax cut would only cut funding on programs like education, environmentalism, and social welfare which will affect those not as privileged as the rich minority in America negatively.
Crackle: You are only looking at one side of it! Cutting national tax income would help the economy as a whole, and private businesses can put money into those programs you know. It would finally give a chance for the government to stop working so hard to fund those who don’t deserve it and give a break to those who worked hard to become rich. The problem is that government should be concerned with enforcing laws, not concerning and overworking themselves just so some freeloader can have their paycheck from our tax dollars.
Snapp: Well, I think the government should enforce the law by ensuring equality and justice for all individuals and therefore help those who are not born with all the proper resources! If the government’s only purpose was to enforce law, they would probably be doing a lot more bad than good. They would probably spend more money on the death penalty than welfare if you ask me.