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The system of government in this country is based on the liberal democratic tradition. This kind of government is one based on the values of religious tolerance and gives its citizens the freedom of speech. The citizens also have the freedom of association which arises from the rule of law that has been put in place to ensure that no individual is discriminated against. The practices of the government and the institutions present in the Australian government are those that reflect the British and North American models and are seen as being uniquely Australian. Being a responsible government, it houses some of the oldest democracies in the world in the sense that it has the commonwealth of Australia which was created in 1901. This happened in a period when the six states had agreed to federate. The first Australian government adopted such measures as one man one vote and suffrage of women. Women were not allowed to take part in activities involving the government.
The Australian colonies had adopted several traditions from Britain and among them were the limited franchise and pub…