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Please use half page to address the followings. The 2.5 pages remaining can’t be done until next week. I was just informed by the teacher that the question of the assignment this week will not be available until Monday 5/23, and the assignment should be turned in by midnight on Tuesday 5/24. It can be an essay or some questions like the discussion below. It will be covering work from both Jeanette Winterson Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit&AudreLorde Zami: A New Spelling of My N
Lorde’sZami is another semi-autobiographical novel. Many of the events of the novel closely resemble Lorde’s own life. She invented the term “biomythography” to describe/define this work of fiction. As we read this novel, we see many similarities with Winterson’s work. In both cases, the protagonist is coming of age and her development involves defining her identity against a backdrop of unsupportive social and familial institutions. In Winterson, the primary social institutions against which Jeanette struggles are the church and her mother. In Lorde’s novel, the social backdrop of sexism, racism, and generalized homophobia constrain and complicate her identity development.
Discussion questions:
There are several issues to consider. Please respond to 3 of these issues 
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