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Pick a current event article from an online news agency on either the topic of, Urbanization or the Environment
Discuss a paper analyzing that article with a sociological lens (functionalists, conflict theorists, symbolic interactionists. You’ll briefly summarize
the article, and then, you’ll address the contents of the article in light of the sociological
discussion we’re having in class and in your readings. Some questions to consider in writing
your analysis:
 How have sociologists researched the topic discussed in your article?
 How is the issue in your article constructed as a social problem in our society?
 Within what social context is the social problem emerging in your article?
 What have been some of the sociological findings (discussed in class and/or in your
readings) that have emerged about the topic in your article?
 What social theories inform the topic in your article, and how can you apply them to the
issues in the article?
 Would sociologists examine the social problem in your article in the same way as the
author of your article?
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