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Instead of feeling pressure to conform as a student at the University of Georgia, I have found that being in college has made me value the importance of a higher education more so than I ever had before. During high school, my primary goal was to play well enough to receive a football scholarship. At that time, my focus was not on academics. However, since I’ve arrived at the University of Georgia, my entire concept of the value of a college degree has slowly changed. Rather than seeing just football in my future, I can now picture myself as a football player with a college degree. Consequently, instead of having a negative impact on my personal growth, college has helped me broaden as a person.
Contrary to popular opinion, athletes do have interests outside their sport. Since I enrolled at Georgia, I have found myself intrigued by the painters whose visions were presented in my art class, as well as by the empathy displayed in my social work class. I feel as if I’ve grown as a person while learning more about the world I live in. My scope of und…