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Patient with HYPERTENSION Scenario.
Students are to select one of the following scenarios and address both Part A & Part B of the assignment task.
Part A – Lesson Plan – 300-400 words (30% of assignment marks)
Develop a lesson plan for your selected scenario using the given format. Please provide a bibliography for your lesson plan.
Part B – Justification of Lesson Plan – 1100-1200 words (70% of assignment marks)
Use the scholarly literature to explain and justify your Lesson Plan
Scenario 1
You are a Community Nurse and are required to teach your new client and his carer (Mr & Mrs Jones), a 70 year old male patient and his 65 year old wife, how to manage and monitor his newly diagnosed condition of hypertension. In the process you will need to educate Mr Jones on the condition and explain the need for monitoring. You aim to teach the patient on your second visit to Mr & Mrs Jones’ home. The home visits are 1 hour duration.
Scenario 2
You are a Clinical Facilitator of third year student nurses on an acute medical ward. You are required to teach Nurse Smith how to administer intra-venous Gentamycin. In the process you will need to educate the student on: the assessment of the patient before administration of Gentamycin, the protocol for administration; the practicalities of IV Gentamycin administration; and quality and safety in administration of the medication. You have 30 minutes to educate Nurse Smith on this matter in the treatment room.
Scenario 3
You are a registered nurse working in the trauma orthopaedic ward. One of your patients, Mr Noroffo is being discharged today. Mr Noroffo was hospitalised due an acute allergic reaction to shell fish. Before discharge you are required to educate Mr Noroffo on the safe use of an Epi-pen. In the process you will educate the client/patient on the condition and the medication, the safe use and care of the Epi-pen, the safe administration of adrenaline. You have 30 minutes to provide the education before discharge from the ward.ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!