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ParkerLtdisaconsultancycompanyspecialisinginthesport andphysicalactivitysector.Theorganisationstheyarecommissionedbyincludes:localauthorities,charities,andprivatesectororganisations.Thecompanywasfoundedin2002andhasshownsteadygrowthoverthepastthirteenyears.Theytradefromofficeaccommodation(80squaremetres)inamajorcityinEngland.AtpresentthecompanyemploysIGeneralManager,5 LeadConsultants, 3Administration staff,and2MarketingOfficers.Parker Ltdhasprovideda projectmanager—toalocalauthority relatingtoaoneoffspecialproject.Thisprojectisconcernedwiththeensuringtheinitialopeningandoperationalrequirementsofthenewleisurefacilityareidentified.Pleasenotethisnewleisurefacilitywillalreadybebuilttoa21stCenturystandard.Theprovisionincludes:swimmingpool,sportshaIl,dryandwetchangingfacilities,twodancestudioswithadditionalhealthandfitnessprovisionintheformofastateoftheartfitnesscentre.
Task 1 (Around 500 to 600 words) Whatarethecoreprinciples/characteristicsofanyprojectandwhyaretheyimportant?You need to provide valid underpinning theories and examples. Keep short.
2) Howwouldyouhavedefinedthescopeoftheprojectinthecasestudy?This is a practically oriented question, which will need to be answered in terms of what you see as the scope of the project in the case study. I would try and combine in your answer an awareness of what project scope means and includes and what that means for how the scope of the project in the case study might be defined. You also need to support your argument.
3) UsingtheInformationbelow,plotoutafullprojectGanttchartandidentifythecriticalpath?Howmanydaysdoesittaketocompletetheproject?3) Gantt charts are of course techniques available for project scheduling. While critical paths are most normally associated with network diagrams, you can identify a critical path from a gantt chart as well. Good answers to this question may include brief definitions of the two key terms i.e. gantt chart and critical path but I would keep those pretty short- though maybe say a tiny bit in your definition of the latter about how you can derive it from the gantt chart.
Tasks Precedence Time ( Days)
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A – 5
B – 4
C a 6
D a 2
E b 8
F c 5
G e 4
H f 3
4) Whatmethod(s)wouldyouemployfor costmanagementandwhy?
your answer to this question will be brief, but do remember to address the ‘and why?’ bit of the question at the end by giving one or more reasons for the cost management method or methods you choose. Support your argument.
5) Howwouldyouhaveassessedandmanagedtherisksontheprojectinthecasestudy?
you will need to be pretty brief in setting out how you would have assessed and managed the risks in this project. The case says nothing really about risks within it so I suggest you assume you are addressing fairly standard risks for a project of this sort,
6)WhatqualityMethods(projectevaluation,monitoringandcontrol)wouldyouintroducetoensurethisprojectiscompletedsuccessfully.First you need to answer which one and define why. second you need to provide argument why is one superior than the other.
Task 2 ( around 2500 words count)
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