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Papers will be evaluated for meeting the criteria stated below, as well as for grammar, thoughtfulness, logic, and pertinence to the topic. Each paper must be ONLY one (1) page long using a 12-point font, double-spaced, with 1” margins (top, bottom, and sides). The entire assignment should only be one page long, no title page and no separate page for the reference. Any citations/references must be in appropriate APA format. You must include the full APA-style reference for the article you pick.In each Article Review the following questions must be addressed:
What is/are the hypothesis(es) of this study?
Are there any ethical considerations in this study?
How did the researchers collect the data (i.e., what were the methods)?
How many participants were used? What is the breakdown by age, ethnicity, sex?
What were the results? What statistics were used?
Was/were the hypothesis(es) supported?
What are two strengths of this study.
What are limitations of this study.
What are the implications of this study?
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