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Famine, disease, social tension and poverty – progress, societal fortitude, prosperity and facility.
All of these are consequences of one question deep at the heart of the quest for sustainable human existence; the question of the maximum capacity supportable by the planet Earth. As is true of a good deal of the puzzles plaguing our time, little consensus is to be found surrounding this topic.
Fueled by images of societal collapse, hunger and a complete depletion of natural resources, organizations such as The Population Institute seek to control what they view to be out of control population growth. On the other side of the fence, The Population Research Institute and like associations present descriptions of a bright future represented by the continued growth of humanity. They fight what they see as dangerous and disturbing attempts to slow human birth rates. These two organizations make use of various persuasive strategies to accomplish their goals. Specifically, this paper seeks to explore, analyze and to attempt to understand the reasoning behind the choices each of these tw…