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for research & clinical faculty, auxiliary faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students
2016 Nomination Form:
Address the following (if applicable) in your Statement of Nomination (500 word limit):
1. Describe the qualities that make this person an outstanding research mentor.
2. Give examples of how s/he actively encouraged inquiry, innovation and created opportunities for students to do research.
3.Give examples of how s/he guided you in research ethics, presentation and publication opportunities and, planning for continuing research and/or graduate studies.
4. Comment on his/her history of reaching out to diverse undergraduate students.
5. Give examples of how s/he advocates for undergraduate research.
6. Give examples of any other attributes or actions that make this mentor truly exceptional.
I want to nominate my research mentor, however, the deadline is friday and I have a ton of other work. This is his CV https://www.the-aps.org/Link-Library/ballots/Sec-TreasCV-weisleder.pdf. A little background about him: he is professional in every way, i began working under him my freshman year of college (best decision of my life), he has guided/helped me develop my understanding of scientific research and its importance, involved/challenged me (which is how i got where i am now–presenting my research at the denman forum and applying to med school), he has taught me endless lessons, created a stimulating learning environment, and most importantly unlike most research principle investigators he always wants me/and other students to succeed (our success is his success as well), finally he treats all students (no matter what academic rank) equally. Also, even when i decided to quit research (working in his lab) due to personal health problems, he understood and helped/guided me when i came back after a long time.
this is just some background, please let me know if you need more. Also, please note this is a competitive award where hundreds/thousands of other students will be nominating their mentors.
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