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Organizations around the globe are facing challenges in recruiting, developing, and retaining talent. Global expansion can be an important aspect of an organization’s success. At the same time, talent management can also become more complicated. For organizations to maximize their human capital, they need to have talent management initiatives that support their global expansion strategy. Organizations need to employ strategies that will best identify talent in countries in which they are expanding. This is necessary for the success of both the organization and its employees.
In a 2- to 3-page paper, address the following:
• What are some specific talent management initiatives that might be used to support a global expansion strategy?
• What strategies might be used in recruiting global talent and why?
• What are some potential challenges in a talent management initiative that might be used in a global expansion strategy? Explain how these challenges may be turned into positive outcomes.
RESOURCES: Course Text
Silzer, R., & Dowell, B. E. (Eds.). (2010). Strategy-driven talent management: A leadership imperative. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
o Chapter 13, “Managing Talent in Global Organizations”
This chapter explores the global workforce that exists today. It also discusses a framework for a global talent management strategy and other models in leadership and management of global talent.
Note: These articles can be found in the Walden Library databases, accessed from your myWalden page. Select Research Databases and, under the subheading Search for journals, type the name of the journal in the box next to the pull-down menu that reads “Title equals.” Then search for the appropriate year and issue number to locate your article. As an alternative, after selecting Research Databases, click on the A to Z List of Databases to find a complete list of databases. Search the database (included after each article citation) using the article’s title and/or author(s).
• China Business Newsweekly. (2010, December 15). Towers Watson; Companies worldwide view talent as biggest obstacle to future growth, Towers Watson survey finds. China Business Newsweekly, 11. Retrieved from LexisNexis® Academic database.
This article takes a global perspective on the biggest challenges facing organizations that want to expand globally. In general, talent is the biggest challenge that organizations expect to have in both recruiting and retaining.
• Ready, R. A., & Conger, J. A. (2007, September 15). How to fill the talent gap: Global companies face a perfect storm when it comes to finding the employees they need. Wall Street Journal (Eastern ed.), R1, 4. Retrieved from ABI/INFORM Global database.
This article discusses the main challenges that global organizations are facing today. The authors suggest that organizations need to rethink how they hire, train, and reward employees.
• Ready, D. A., Hill, L. A., & Conger, J. A. (2008). Winning the race for talent in emerging markets. Harvard Business Review, 86(11), 62-70. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.
This article examines some of the challenges of recruiting talent in a global market. It also discusses strategies for recruiting talent in other countries and leveraging diversity.
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