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Obtain a copy of an employee handbook from an employer. This could be the employer you worked with on Assignments 1-3, but doesn’t have to be. A health care employer is preferred, but not required. You may use the handbook from your own employer, if you wish. Make sure the handbook is current and has been written or revised in 2001 or more recently. You will need to turn in the handbook itself or copies of pertinent pages with your assignment. If the handbook is electronic, print and hand in the pages you need to complete the assignment.
Write a report answering the following questions. Be sure to include relevant concepts covered in Chapters 13 and 14 of your text. The total report should be at least three full pages, double-spaced, but not more than six pages. Part of your grade will depend on the quality of the writing including clear presentation of ideas, appropriate grammar, and correct spelling. For each question, include precise reference to the appropriate section of the handbook. Attach the handbook or photocopies of referenced pages and highlight the referenced sections.
1. How well does the company present its overall mission, values, and/or long-range goals? Cite some examples from the handbook where the policies or tone of presentation either supported or contradicted the stated mission, values, or goals.
2. How well does the handbook describe the company’s overall human resources or employee relations philosophy? How clearly does it explain employee’s responsibilities and rights?
3. Comment on how effectively the handbook addresses each of the following:
a. Employment status; such as, job security, probation, transfer, termination
b. Process and basis for evaluation, reward, advancement
c. Opportunities for job growth, training, promotion
d. Reasons for disciplinary action and process that will be used
e. Grievance, appeal, and or employee assistance processes
4. List two specific quotes from the handbook that struck you as being particularly positive and explain why. List two specific quotes from the handbook that struck you as being particularly negative or confusing and explain why.
5. As a new employee, would you have a good feel for the company and its employee relations policies and practices? If not, what questions would you have? Does the handbook refer you to other sources of information?
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