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Note: The following assignment is based on the database environment used in the Week One Individual Assignment.
What needs to be performed:
1. Create a detailed ERD using the data specifications from the logical design.
2. Create a 1-3 page paper to document your logical design including the process you went through. Discuss the process you went through to select the appropriate data types, primary and foreign keys, and other constraints that are necessary to maintain the integrity of the database.
Software to be used:
You can use Microsoft® Visio® or another tool to create this diagram. One alternative is to create a free account to access LucidChart, a Visio compaible tool (www.lucidchart.com).
Additional Comments:
1. Format the paper and citations using APA format.
……………… week 1 proposal below
Database Environment Proposal
The Alexis Art Museum is a newly refurbished museum that has the ability of tracking artists, artworks as well as the physical locations where those arts are stored within the museum. As of now, the facility end users are having a lot of trouble in locating specific arts with their artworks as the museum relies on the usage of outdated databases. The project hereby dedicates itself to creating a new database that will make the task of end users accessing artists as well as artworks as easy as possible.
Database Environment
The database environment consists of a hardware, data, people and specific software. The hardware part is mainly composed of computers and all its computer’s peripherals. The software part, consist of anything ranging from all applications program to the computers’ operating system (Stephens & Plew, 2001). The Alexis Museum will now be upgraded to using an SQL database. People in a database environment are all users who have the permission to access and use the system.
Each computer will be installed with Microsoft Windows 10 functioning as the main operational system. Microsoft access will be used as the main DBMS. The use of forms and reports will also come in handy where forms will be used whenever data is needed to be added while reports will be used to view data that a specific user has specified (Silverston & Agnew, 2009). The data contained in the system will mainly be associated with information of artists, artwork, location and particular storage of those artworks within the museum.
Problems and Constraints
As expected, a new database will be met with a few problems from time to time. The number one problem will be gathering of the exact information that is needed to be fed in the database. This is the case as the previous system used in the museum was not frequently making other relevant information to be left out. The other constraint is the database budgeting where the money allocated for the design of the project is way below the required amount. This means that more is needed to be done with little available resources. The timing of the project is another significant setback to the project, as the new database need to be up and running within a month and considering the low budget allocated to it, the time is not in any way convenient.
 The database will mainly serve to document an artist with his/her artwork(s).
 At the same, the database also aims at ensuring that end users access what they need within the shortest period of time.
New database scope
 Being able to locate all the artworks and artists within the facility at any given time.
 The flexibility of adding new artworks and new artists whenever such information is availed from time to time.
Entities and Attributed to the New Database
Art work: details, value, age, date created
Artist|: first_name, last_name, Country, address, mobile number, type of art
Art storage location: Shelf section, start date, type.
As soon as the new database is up and running, end users will find it very easy to locate a particular artwork or a certain artist saving a lot of their time in the process. At the same, in such a case where a new artist or new artwork find its way into the museum, it will become very easy for the system administrators to add the particular details as required. All visitors to the museum will surely find the place a worthy place to visit accessing a lot of information within a short period of time.
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